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5 Changes the Philadelphia 76ers Must Make This Offseason

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5 Offseason Moves Philadelphia 76ers Must Make

Eric Hartline - USA Today Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers have just begun an extreme rebuilding process, made evident by the fact that they traded their All-Star point guard Jrue Holiday to the New Orleans Pelicans for Nerlens Noel and a 2014 protected first round pick on draft night.

New general manager Sam Hinkie was asked to take on a difficult task. In order for this team to move from constant mediocrity to a potential future contender, he had to knock everything down in order to build it back up.

Once the Sixers sign their three draft picks in Noel, Michael Carter-Williams and Arsalan Kazemi, they will have a total of 12 players under contract for next season. Including the three rookie contracts, Thaddeus Young and a player option for Jason Richardson, the team has a potential to have only five guaranteed contracts at the start of the 2014-15 season.

The plan is obvious to build through the draft and try to land marquee players via trade and free agency, a la the Houston Rockets. Hinkie worked under Daryl Morey, who has drafted Chandler Parsons, traded for James Harden and signed Dwight Howard to create his own big three. Hinkie hopes to be two-thirds of the way there with Noel and MCW, and I am sure he’s hoping a top pick like Andrew Wiggins next year could round out his trio.

There is still work to be done before this season begins though. The Sixers are still without a head coach and need to bring on three more guys to round out their roster because of injuries to Noel and potentially Richardson. Regardless it will be a rebuilding year for the 76ers, but here are five moves they must make this offseason.

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5. Sign Mo Williams to a Short Term Deal

Russ Isabella - USA Today Sports

All signs point to the Sixers being a bad team next year, but they do need some sort of veteran presence on the roster so Mo Williams would be a good option. MCW is the point guard of the future, but it’s not fair to throw him into the fire 40 minutes a game right away. Mo-Will can also play shooting guard in a small lineup that would slide Evan Turner to the small forward. Williams could also serve as trade bait at the deadline next year and get Hinkie even more cap space or draft picks.

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4. Let Royce White Play in Home Games

Thomas Campbell - USA Today Sports

Royce White’s rookie year never got off the ground because the Rockets couldn’t figure out how to handle his anxiety issues when it comes to flying. Anxiety or not the kid has flat out talent, and the best way to deal with it for a team like the Sixers is to buy him an apartment in Philly and let him play in the 41 home games and potentially a few road games accessible by bus. Only good can come out of this. He either shows enough talent to be considered a valuable trade asset or he respects the organization enough to work with them to figure out this anxiety issue. If not, they cut him loose at season’s end and both parties move on.

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3. Sign Khalif Wyatt

Brian Spurlock - USA Today Sports

The Sixers had a problem scoring last year and they had Jrue Holiday. It will be even more difficult this year, but one option from the Summer League would be local product Khalif Wyatt. Wyatt was very impressive in Summer League, averaging 13.8 points per game. He went 6-14 from three and was also able to get to the line 25 times in five games. The Sixers need scoring, and Wyatt would be an inexpensive alternative off the bench that could turn out to be a hidden gem.

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2. Buy Out Kwame Brown's Contract

Kyle Terada - USA Today Sports

It still blows my mind that someone would ever give Kwame Brown a player option on a contract. Even if they can’t work something out and they have to give Kwame the full $3 million, they need to get him off the roster. With a bunch of young guys Hinkie is trying to create a winning culture, and that’s not something that Brown resembles due to his lack of work ethic and general basketball skill.

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1. Promote Michael Curry to Head Coach

Howard Smith - USA Today Sports

Well technically one thing they MUST do is hire a head coach in general, but the wise move would be to promote current assistant Michael Curry for two reasons. First, the contracts for all the assistants have to be paid this season anyway. Also the fact that the majority of this year’s roster won’t be part of the team in the future, they might as well give Curry his shot to coach. If he does well then Hinkie is set, but if not he finds his coach to rebuild with starting in 2014.