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5 Reasons Why Dwight Howard Won’t Work With Houston Rockets

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5 Reasons Dwight Howard Will Fail With Houston Rockets

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Dwight Howard's reputation has been a bit muddled lately. He's been called many things, such as a drama king and an immature manchild. Ok, the last nickname was just me, but I'm sure everyone can agree that it's true.

Now that he's no longer with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Steve Nash, the nine-year veteran took his talents to Houston to be a member of the Houston Rockets. Joining James Harden and Jeremy Lin -- at least for now -- the big man from Atlanta has a new start, but his reputation will likely never be fixed.

Howard is easily the best big man in the league, averaging a career 18 points and 12 rebounds per game, but his recent drama has made him one of the least liked guys in the NBA. Getting his head coach fired when he was a member of the Orlando Magic and having a publicized dislike for his recent head coach with the Los Angeles Lakers, Howard has a history of problems with coach figures.

With a change of scenery, Howard should experience more success than he had with the Lakers, right? Wrong. In my opinion, no matter how good of a coach Kevin McHale is, he can't fix the soap opera that is Howard. People believe that, as one of the best big men in NBA history, McHale will be able to save the 27-year-old superstar from falling off the map and becoming yet another pampered NBA player.

Howard doesn't need help in the skill department from McHale because he already has a world of talent and potential, he needs help in the personal side of things.

I have compiled a list of the five reasons why Howard will fail with the Rockets, no matter who they add as their third superstar.

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No. 5: He's No Longer 'Superman'

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The whole "Superman" phase got pretty old really fast. Howard took the NBA by storm by putting on a cape and winning the dunk contest in impressive fashion in 2008. That seems like decades ago. Now, Howard seems less of a Superman-type figure and more of a villain. No one likes a villain, and Houston fans will soon realize that.

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No. 4: He Was Already Part of a 'Big Three'

big three
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It's safe to say that the Bryant, Nash and Howard "Big Three" had the potential to be the best one yet. However, Howard thinks that by teaming up with Harden and one more superstar, he will have a better chance at a title. I'm not sure if anyone told him, but I don't think even a "Big Three" could help him.

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No. 3: His Drama Will Get Old Fast

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This title kind of speaks for itself. He's all about the drama and basically loved how all the NBA talk in the past month or two -- even during the playoffs after the Lakers were eliminated -- was about him. Was he going to stay in Los Angeles, or was he going to leave for five other possible destinations? Well, now that the drama is over with the destination, he's bound to think up something else to cry about.

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No. 2: Kevin McHale Can Only Do So Much

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Sure, McHale has risen into the role as one of the up-and-coming coaches in the league, but he can't fix Dwight's personality. Howard is a lost cause in that regard, but the big man has talent to burn. It's up to Howard as to how well he and the Rockets will do, but if the past is any implication, the Rockets may hope these four years go by quickly.

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No. 1: James Harden Is No Kobe

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Like I said before, Howard was already part of what looked to be the best "Big Three" in history on paper, but it failed. What makes him think that by joining a less experienced but nearly as talented Harden will lead him in a different direction. Who knows, maybe Harden won't take Howard's drama, but hey, neither did Bryant. Also, Bryant is one of the best to ever play the game -- it looks like Howard took that for granted.