Kobe Bryant Will Break All-Time Scoring Record

By tylerschwab
Kobe Bryant
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

With his recent Achilles injury being a highly discussed matter, Kobe Bryant is trying to make a strong comeback. At his age, there is a question of how much more adversity he can take. Bryant is heading into his 18th NBA season, which means there is more mileage on his legs than most 34-year-olds.

Over the past two seasons, Bryant has been asked multiple times about when he thinks he will call it quits. His answers have been inconsistent so far. Former Los Angeles Lakers center Shaquille O’Neal recently stated that he believes Kobe can play until he is 40. If that is the case, Bryant would more than likely shatter Kareem Abdul-Jabbar‘s all-time scoring record. Currently he is 6,770 points behind the other great Laker center. If O’Neal is right and Kobe plays till age 40, he will only need to average about 14 PPG in the next six seasons. Even if he only plays four more seasons, he could eclipse Kareem at roughly 20 PPG, which is five less than his career average.

If basketball fans have learned one thing over the last 18 years, it’s never count out the “Black Mamba”. Time and time again he has proven to be resilient in any situation. After each injury we ask ourselves if he will ever bounce back, and he seems to come back with even more drive and motivation.

There is uncertainty about when Bryant will make his first appearance next season. Many people expect him to miss the first couple of months, but I have a a piece of advice to those people: Never bet against Kobe Bean Bryant.

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