Should the Orlando Magic Consider Tobias Harris a SF or PF?

By Christian Tamayo
Tobias Harris
Kim Klement- USA TODAY Sports

One of the more promising young names in the NBA today, Tobias Harris, has yet to find a position he can call home.

Once Harris was traded from the Milwaukee Bucks to the Orlando Magic during the 2012-13 season, his playing time increased exponentially and he became a key player for the rebuilding Magic.

Harris, 21, is listed at 6’8” and 226 pounds. He is definitely a big, strong player and his stature is a big reason why he was able to be effective at both forward spots.

The power forward position does present him with a height disadvantage the majority of the time, but he is still more than capable of playing there consistently. Aside from his strength, Harris presents huge problems for opposing power forwards on the offensive end. He can easily dribble by the bigger players, and while he’s not as effective in the post at this position, he creates a lot more space for Nikola Vucevic to operate down low.

When he’s at the small forward position, his opponent is at a clear physical disadvantage and Harris can really have his way at that position. Harris won’t be as fast as every small forward he comes across, but he still can get whatever he wants offensively.

Tobias Harris needs to improve defensively this season, regardless of the position he is playing. He rebounded the ball really well for the Magic, and his effort and enthusiasm for the game is not the problem, which is a great sign for the Magic.

Maurice Harkless will get minutes at the small forward spot, which will force Harris into the power forward spot if they were to play together. Does it even matter where they put Harris, though?

I don’t think it matters where Harris plays. These are the days of the hybrid forwards and the “stretch fours.”

Harris will be able to use different aspects of his game to his advantage depending on the position, and he will continue to be a huge player for the Magic for years to come.

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