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Wesley Johnson Is A Fine, Young Addition to a Shaping Los Angeles Lakers Roster


Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers seem to be the “second Chance” stop for many once touted draft picks. Wesley Johnson, former No. 4 overall pick in 2010, has now joined a class of players like Kwame Brown, Joe Smith and Aaron McKie, as he is joining the Lakers, according to multiple reports. These men were once talented draft picks who tried to revive their career with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The transformation does go well for some. For instance, look at Lamar Odom. Before arriving in Los Angeles as a Laker, Lamar endured harsh criticism for his lackadaisical attitude and lack of motivation at his previous stops. Moreover, drug suspensions clouted his reputation making him an unreliable problem child on many teams. However, after being united with Kobe Bryant, and being part of a back-to-back championship contender, Lamar reached his potential winning Sixth Man honors along the way.

Wesley Johnson is more likely to follow the footsteps of Lamar then those set by Kwame or Joe Smith. He is a natural scorer, consistently not given enough minutes whether it is in Minnesota due to position logjams or Phoenix because of unfamiliarity; Johnson has never been given a shot to really establish himself in a role. With a defined role as a backup small forward/guard, Johnson will be able to focus on what he does best, scoring the ball.

The Lakers are rounding out their roster with fine complimentary talent, young shooters and even big man presence. Although the team suffered a blow by loosing out on their franchise center, they have recovered quite well with recent roster adjustments. With the addition and integration of players like Johnson, the Lakers hope to acquire a bevy of young talent in the hopes of creating a reincarnation of Earl Clark who recently decided to leave the squad and join his former Laker teammate Andrew Bynum in Cleveland. Nick Young, Steve Blake, Wesley Johnson, Jordan Farmar and Jodie Meeks look to set a solid backcourt scoring rotation.