2013 NBA Free Agency: Denver Nuggets Would Be Certifiable in Signing Nate Robinson

By Peter Sherwill
Nate Robinson
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Nuggets have been mentioned in many rumors during this summer’s free-agency period. Many of them are head scratching, such as their rumored interest in Monta Ellis. An even more mind-boggling bit has been making the rounds online the past couple of days.

Let that one soak in for just a second. Nate Robinson. He is 5-foot-9. How does this benefit a Denver team that is already challenged for size at the point guard position? Ty Lawson is not even six feet tall. This has been a problem for the Nuggets defensively for several seasons. Undersized point guards are historically not great defenders and they give up size, allowing their taller opponents to simply shoot over them. Have Nuggets fans forgotten the Earl Boykins years? The Nuggets already are undersized at the power forward position with Kenneth Faried, the last thing they need is to give up even more size.

There is a reason that Robinson has played on five different squads over the course of his eight seasons in the NBA. While he is capable of scoring the basketball, the Nuggets will have no problem in this area and should pass on signing the diminutive point guard. Unless Denver is eyeing a trade that would majorly shake up their roster, there would be no reason to sign Robinson in a backup capacity when they have a very guard-heavy roster.

If the Nuggets are certifiable enough to sign the 29-year-old Robinson to a deal, they better have a deal already in place to thin out the rotation a bit. Otherwise, they will have a problem on their hands as Robinson has a history of being a malcontent and was famously the instigator in a brawl against the Nuggets while he played for the New York Knicks.

This would be a bad signing for Denver, even after one of the strangest offseasons the franchise has ever seen. Josh Kroenke and Tim Connelly need to keep shopping. In fact, they should look to cash in their $9 million golden ticket they acquired in the Andre Iguodala sign-and-trade instead of picking Robinson up off of the scrap heap. Nuggets, you can do better than this, keep shopping.

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