Indiana Pacers: Paul George Needs Consistency on Offense to Assume 'Superstar' Title

By Ryan Heckman
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Paul George has become one of the more talked about stars in the NBA over the past two seasons, as his clashes on the court with MVP LeBron James have become more and more intense in the playoffs. Next season, he will be playing out his last year in his current contract and will enter free agency in 2014.

In a free agent market full of stars, though, George has been considered a ‘superstar’ by many. To me, he has yet to earn that title.

While I love George’s game and what he brings for the Indiana Pacers every single night, he still lacks a bit of consistency in an important area: offensive efficiency.

George has established himself as one of the better wing players in the entire league, especially on the defensive end. He’s one of the few that can take on LeBron by himself and have great success in doing so.

After averaging over 17 points in 2012, it would be easy to label George as an offensive threat — and that assumption would be correct for the most part. But, to be labeled a superstar, George needs to improve two things.

First, he shot the ball at a mere 41.9 percent last season. While that’s not as bad as it could be, it certainly does not merit the title of a superstar. For a guy who is expected to carry much of the load on offense, he could improve that by a few percentage points.

Second, he averaged nearly three turnovers per game in 2012. To be placed in the same conversation as a guy like LeBron, George must cut that number in half if possible.

I absolutely love watching this kid play. He’s only 23 years old and already one of the most polarizing figures in the league. His playoff performances have been lauded by even the fans of the Miami Heat, their most bitter rival at the moment, therefore he’s going to be a star very quickly. However, he needs to shore up a bit of his offensive game before he is deserving of that ‘superstar’ title.

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