Milwaukee Bucks Must Cut Ties with Brandon Jennings

By Michael Terrill
Milwaukee Bucks Must Cut Ties with Brandon Jennings
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Bucks offered point guard Jeff Teague a four-year, $32 million contract that was matched by the Atlanta Hawks over the weekend. It had to be known that it would never work out with Brandon Jennings and the Bucks after Milwaukee made an offer to Teague. Jennings knows the organization and Milwaukee’s new head coach Larry Drew does not want the point guard. At this point, the Bucks must do everything in their power to cut ties with the locker room parasite that is Jennings.

There does not appear to be any offers for Jennings in free agency, with people in Milwaukee not very surprised by the news. He is a vastly overrated point guard who does not know how to play the position correctly. In fact, he is more of a shooting guard who really cannot shoot. The fact he wants Stephen Curry money is laughable at best because he is not anywhere near the same talent level. Jennings would be lucky to get the contract Teague was given.

Jennings has the option to make $4.5 million this season by signing with the Bucks. However, it would be much wiser for the organization if Milwaukee figured out a way to do a sign-and-trade. If the organization wants any chance of having success next season, they must get rid of Jennings. The loner will destroy any chemistry the newly signed players will have with the established core of the team.

Ideally, the Bucks would like to sign a guard in free agency, such as Gary Neal. However, Milwaukee could get away with having veteran Luke Ridnour start with 2013 second-round draft pick Nate Wolters backing him up. Both players are certainly capable of handling their position. At this point, anything is better than having Jennings on the court.

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