Carmelo Anthony is Much Better Candidate to Join Los Angeles Lakers Than Lebron James

By Andrew Fisher

The buzz has already started and the 2013-14 NBA season isn’t even close to tipping off. The buzz is of course about 2014 free agency and the two biggest players that will be available – Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony. It’s being said that the Los Angeles Lakers will target one, if not both of these players.

From the Lakers’ point of view this makes perfect sense. The upcoming season is likely to be an extremely challenging one for them, so it’s only natural that they would already have their sights set on the highly anticipated 2014 free agent class. It’s the Lakers, so of course they’re going to go after the biggest fish in the pond.

Just the thought of Anthony or James heading west to L.A. is a bit odd, but when you get right down to it, I believe there’s a pretty good chance one of them will end up signing on.

James just doesn’t strike me as a guy that would want to play in L.A., especially alongside Kobe Bryant. Those two teaming up certainly would not be right. They’re rivals, and rivals are rarely meant to be teammates.

Anthony on the other hand, is a good candidate to join the Lakers. He’ll be going into his 12th season in 2014-15 and there’s a pretty good chance that he won’t have a ring to show for his efforts at that point. There’s no reason to think the New York Knicks are suddenly going to get way better this year and it’s very likely that the Melo-Knicks experiment is going to be a failure.

It will boil down to this, if Melo even considers this career move for a second – can he swallow his pride to play and coexist with Kobe Bryant? That’s the main question in all of this. If the Lakers can pull this off and bring in one of these guys, can they be all about the team and just winning a championship? If Melo is at that point in his career, he should seriously consider a move west.


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