Joe Dumars’ Signing Of Luigo Datome Stroke Of Genius For Detroit Pistons


Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Pistons general manager Joe Dumars has made many intriguing offseason moves. The signing of Josh Smith, the selection of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in the draft, the decision to bring back Chauncey Billups … and other moves show how badly Dumars wants to turn the franchise around.

In all those moves comes another transaction that may eventually prove to be one of Dumars’ best in his administrative career with the Pistons: the signing of Italian-star Luigo Datome.

The Italian League’s MVP got his chance to join the NBA from Dumars and the Pistons, and he’s hoping to take advantage of that opportunity in a spectacular way. So are the Pistons.

Datome’s three-point shooting skill will be intriguing for the Pistons. He averaged 16.6 points per game and shot more than 50 percent in three-pointers last season.

That was in the Italian League. Dumars is guessing Datome can be a force in the NBA. Other NBA teams also gave Datome a close look. The Pistons more than anyone liked what they saw.

The Pistons are hoping that a shooter like Datome will lure defenders away from the paint and give big guys like Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe more moves to make things happen. The trick for coach Mo Cheeks will be figuring out when and how to best utilize Datome’s talents. He’s probably not the best player on the team in this situation and needs to figure out how to become a major contributor.

Datome just might become an NBA star. At least he’s getting the opportunity.


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