Brooklyn Nets Introduce Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry in Press Conference

By Cody Williams
Brooklyn Nets Garnett Pierce
Debby Wong – USA Today Sports Images

The Brooklyn Nets held a press conference on Thursday to introduce their new trio of additions to their team in Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry. Nets new head coach Jason Kidd and general manager Billy King were also in attendance, but Brooklyn’s other addition from this off-season, Andrei Kirilenko, was not as he had “other business” to attend to.

For the most part, the things that the trio of players and Kidd had to say were about what you would expect. They talked about how this team has a chance to contend for a championship, how the older players’ minutes would be managed throughout the season, and how all of these high-profile players would mesh once the season was underway.

However, the most interesting thing about the presser was to watch the body language and listen to the tones of the players. For starters, Garnett handled himself like you would expect Garnett to do. He’s one of the most professional players in the league in terms of how he handles the business of the NBA. He joked with the media, seemed in good spirits and genuinely happy to be in Brooklyn.

Terry seemed to somewhat share the sentiments of Garnett, but mostly seemed just happy to be there. He did express being happy to have Kidd as his coach, basically saying that Kidd was essentially the coach for the Dallas Mavericks when they won a title together in 2011, which was possibly a slight dig at Rick Carlisle.

Pierce’s reaction was the most intriguing, though. Pierce had a glossed over look on his face for the majority of the time he was on stage and seemed to be out of it. He had to ask a question to be repeated once and then delivered his answers to questions with little-to-no enthusiasm.

In his opening statement, Pierce noted that he would have liked to finish his career with the Boston Celtics, but then said that the days where a player spends his whole career with one team are “probably over.” However, that may be the biggest takeaway from this press conference.

It’s hard to doubt the fact that Pierce is being truthful when he says that he believes this Nets team can make a run at a championship and that they are in a good position, but it seems pretty obvious that Pierce is hesitant to accept the fact that he’s no longer with the Celtics. For a player that was as highly revered as Pierce was in Boston, it’s hard to blame him.

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