Brooklyn Nets: New 'Era' Underway With Introduction of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce

By Andrew Fisher
Brooklyn Nets
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re a Brooklyn Nets‘ fan, there’s no way you’re not excited right now. The franchise made the acquisitions of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry official Thursday, via a standard introductory-style press conference. These three veterans will usher in a new ‘era’ in Brooklyn, as the team tries to establish itself as a legitimate contender for the NBA title.

I’m using the word ‘era’ loosely, because with players the age of Garnett, Pierce and Terry, there’s not enough time for an era. The word ‘run’ is more appropriate, as these legends are merely taking one last run at a championship. In my book, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

While this is certainly not a long-term solution for the Nets, it is one heck of a short-term upgrade. This team will contend in the Eastern Conference in 2013-14 – there’s no doubt about it. The question everyone will keep coming back to, though, is whether or not these guys have enough gas left in the tank? If used properly in the regular season, I believe the savvy veterans will have enough juice for a solid playoff run.

There are a ton of unknowns ahead for Brooklyn. With a rookie head coach at the helm and several key players on the backside of their careers, this group of talent might only have a two-year run in it. Jason Kidd could stink as a head coach and the veterans could fail to adapt to their new surroundings (who knows?), but regardless of what happens, you have to give the organization credit for going all-in. The message is clear to everyone within the Nets franchise – win now.


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