Dwight Howard Will Solve Houston Rockets' Problems

By Aydin Reyhan
Dwight Howard
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

As a team that scores over 100 points almost every game, the Houston Rockets didn’t focus as much on the defensive end — they have a team that is offensive minded. Now, with the addition of Dwight Howard, this team can be rest assured that their defensive woes will begin to be solved.

Howard and Harden will both be the backbone of this franchise, which has the fans, the talent and the coach to bring them to new heights. Finishing as the eighth seed last season in the Western Conference was a good beginning, but this year they should at least finish in the top four with Howard starting at center.

Offensively, Howard can still potentially average 20 points and 10 rebounds a game … if he stays healthy. He will score points, will grab boards and will definitely block shots. The fact that he has joined a star who is still blossoming into something special will make him very happy. Howard himself will actually be considered a veteran on this team.

There is one issue that can be solved or cause a rift between the two stars: Harden may have to cut his scoring so that he can dish the ball to Howard who will demand to be the face of this franchise after a very short while. If this does not turn out to be an issue, this team can grow and rely on the two stars at hand as well as the rest of the starting line-up and the bench players.

Now, if this works out, the Rockets can perhaps win the Western Conference in one or two years time. Even with all of the competition in West, the Rockets have the pieces to puzzle … they just have to put them together to perfection.


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