Mark Cuban Delusional In Saying Dallas Mavericks Are Better Off Without Dwight Howard

By Cody Williams
Mark Cuban Mavericks Dwight
Jerome Miron – USA Today Sports Images

The Dallas Mavericks had big plans for 2013 NBA Free Agency. Owner Mark Cuban had cleared a ton of cap-space so that the team would be in position to land one of the two biggest prizes of the summer in either Chris Paul or Dwight Howard, with Howard being the most coveted of those two options.

After missing on both players, though, Cuban is proving, as expected, to be a sore loser. In a report from ESPN Dallas, Cuban said, “I think we’ve put ourselves in a spot where we’re in a better spot than wer were at if we got just the one max-out deal.” Basically Cuban said that the Mavericks were better off not landing Dwight and signing a number of “good” free-agents.

Either Cuban sees something in his team that almost everyone else is missing, or he’s completely delusional. There’s no way you can say that missing out on the best center in the league and then scrambling around and grabbing what was left on the market is a better deal than signing Howard. That’s just not true.

Not only do the Mavericks have a befuddling roster that is swarming with guards, but it’s really hard to see how any of these signings, other than maybe Jose Calderon, helps them in the short-term or long-term more than inking Howard to a deal would have.

Howard, despite his many faults, is still an elite rebounder, an elite shot-blocker and a viable offensive option in the deep post. Having a player like that not only helps a team in and of itself, but it also maximizes the potential of Dirk Nowitzki on the offensive end. How is that not better than having Monta Ellis jack up fade-away 20-footers instead of feeding Dirk? That just doesn’t make sense.

Yes, the Mavericks added some players that are talented, but Cuban has his head buried in the sand if he thinks that this team is now better than if they had been able to sign Dwight. Cuban, who was praised in 2011 after Dallas won the title, is in some serious denial right now and it’s not helping this Mavericks team in the least.

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