P.J. Tucker Plans On Being Key Player Again For Phoenix Suns

By John Raffel
Jerome Miron – USA TODAY Sports

P.J. Tucker showed last season for the Phoenix Suns that it’s never too late to have a career in the NBA if that’s what you have on your mind. Tucker is hoping now that he has established himself as a true NBA player who can help the Suns in their effort to revitalize the franchise.

Tucker, in his second NBA season, saw action in 79 games a year ago and started 45 times. He averaged 24.2 minutes, 6.4 points, 4.4 rebounds and 1.4 assists per game. He shot 47.3 percent from the floor, 31.4 percent in threes and 74.4 percent in free throws.

Tucker played overseas before finally getting a shot in the NBA. He’s now 27 but in only his second NBA season, Tucker got the job done. In his second to last game, a 119-112 Suns win over the Houston Rockets, Tucker was at his best, posting 21 points after shooting 8-of-13 from the floor and grabbing five rebounds.

He showed that he wanted to play and was more than happy to take advantage of the opportunity he was given by the Suns.

This year is a new ballgame. New coaches, general managers and players are coming in for Phoenix. But they would be wise to utilize Tucker’s talents as much as possible. By taking part in summer camp, he showed the Suns how determined he is to be a factor on the team.

Tucker has already gained new coach Jeff Hornacek‘s attention as a player he can count on to take on a key role for the Suns this season. He’s even hungrier than last year to be a key player for Phoenix.

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