Utah Jazz: John Lucas III Was Horrible Signing, Only Furthers a Terrible Offseason


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Do the Utah Jazz ever learn? They’ve gone in the absolute wrong direction this summer.

Losing their top two players in Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap started off the process in a negative manner. The team followed that up by allowing a fellow Western Conference foe — the Golden State Warriors — to get much better by taking on three hideous contracts.

Now they’ve signed point guard John Lucas III to hopefully play in a very limited role in 2013. Even in a limited role, Lucas will prove to be a horrible addition to the team.

Last season with the Toronto Raptors, Lucas averaged 38.6 percent shooting and scored just over five points per game in 13 minutes a night.

The year before featured a much different Lucas on some nights, but the same old guy on others. With the Chicago Bulls, Lucas came in at times and acted as the fire-on offense when the rest of the team couldn’t get anything going. Other times, he could decide to take a multitude of bad shots in his very insignificant amount of playing time.

I think Bulls and Raptors fans would both all agree that Lucas was more of a detriment to the team than anything. In no way, shape or form is he qualified to be a backup point guard. If the Jazz want to use him as a reserve coming off the bench as a third option at the position, I think they will be alright.

However, if Lucas gets any portion of significant time on the court, the Jazz better prepare for the worst. Utah has only furthered their terrible offseason with this signing. I have to say that I’m not surprised at this point.

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  • Whaaaaat?

    Are you getting paid to write these articles? For one, this is the most idiotic blog/rant I’ve ever read in my life. Point blank, takes the cake. If you cannot see that Utah is obviously RE-BUILDING their team around the young players, grabbing as many expiring contracts to EXTEND those young players, and you are listing AL JEFFERSON as a LOSS for the Jazz, then you are just some guy getting paid a quarter to write articles on teams you know nothing about other than the stat sheets you look at on ESPN.com.

    Ryan Heckman, don’t ever write another article on the Jazz, better yet, just retire from writing, period.

    *Might’ve been a little harsh, but still…

  • iPWNcouGz

    Ryan Heckman, are you even a Jazz fan? If you are you would beaming with joy since Jefferson, Millsap, and Mo Williams are no longer with the Jazz. Utah is tanking for Andrew Wiggins and ESPN’s Bill Simmons approves of Utah’s off-season transactions.

  • heatdust

    Ryan, you are obviously more concerned with teh Jazz continuing to win just enough games to make (or just miss) the playoffs every year. If Utah was concerned with putting the best team on the floor this year, they would have re-signed more of their starters and rode them to another 8th spot while keeping future stars Kanter, Favors, and Burkes on the bench. This is a strategic move for the future.

  • TJ McIntosh

    How are you a senior NBA writer? If you knew anything about the Jazz or how the NBA works for that matter you would know that The Jazz had 4 lottery pics averaging 20 min or less a game last season while Millsap and Jefferson hogged the minutes so the Jazz could win games and they still missed the playoffs despite being in the 6th spot with two months left in the season, and in the 8th spot with a two games lead with only 3 weeks left in the season. Clearly Millsap and big Al were not going to give up their starting spots for Favors and Kanter, nor was Foye for Alec Burks. Mo Williams wants to start, and with Trey Burke coming in Mo would have only hindered his development. Also, with the Golden State trade the Jazz picked up a first round pick in the loaded 2014 draft, multiple second round picks, cash and 3 expiring contracts. My friend, you should maybe do a little researched before running your mouth on what a “terrible” off-season utah is having. You wanna see terrible, check out the Lakers free agents.