Are the Miami Heat the Most Hated Team in the NBA?

By Will Connolly
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

According to an article posted on, the Miami Heat have four of the 20 most hated players in the NBA. No. 13 on their list was a bit surprising as the 17-year-old vet Ray Allen was placed for leaving the rival Boston Celtics to join the “Big Three” in hopes of getting a chance at another title.

No. 9 on their list was Dwyane Wade, who was bashed for encouraging LeBron James and Chris Bosh to join him in Miami and for some of his questionable pregame fashion statements. Bosh hit the list at No. 8 and was scolded for trying to be too much like his two counterparts by cutting his hair and joining his boys down in South Beach. It’s no surprise as to who No. 3 on the countdown was in LeBron, as he left the Cleveland Cavaliers on a nationally televised ESPN broadcast titled “The Decision” by stating, “I’m taking my talents to South Beach.”

Now taking all of these factors into consideration, can you really be that mad at Wade, James and Bosh for wanting to play together? It’s like asking your son if he wanted to go to the same school as his two best friends. And I’d be absolutely astounded if he didn’t respond with a resounding “yes!”

As for Allen, he saw that his Celtics were getting older and that their dynasty was coming to an end. You can crucify him for leaving a team he spent five seasons with, but didn’t the other “Big Three” of Boston (Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce with Allen) just leave their beloved Celtics to join the Brooklyn Nets? I mean, how long can you truly stay mad at someone? I was always taught to forgive and forget.

So come on NBA fans, three years have passed since the creation of the “Big Three,” can’t we just put the past behind us and look forward to the new season? I know I certainly can, and who knows, maybe someday the Heat will become America’s team.

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