Chicago Bulls Rumors: LaMarcus Aldridge Trade Talk Not Going Away, Deal Could Happen Soon


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One of the most intriguing trade rumors over the past month and a half or so has been that of Portland Trail Blazers power forward LaMarcus Aldridge heading to a new team. Plenty of reports have had Aldridge preferring to be moved soon, and the Chicago Bulls were at the top of his list.

The trade talk had seemed to die down for a bit, but as recent as Thursday it was reported by NBC Sports that there are still talks going on and Aldridge is still expressing his desire to be traded.

According to the report, Aldridge and his camp have been busy suggesting trade scenarios to the front office in Portland, but so far there’s been nothing to catch the eye of potential trade partners.

Portland had made an offer to the Bulls that included both Joakim Noah and Jimmy Butler earlier this year, in which the Bulls immediately rejected. They have made similar offers to other teams, targeting key players from other rosters, and each potential suitor has similarly rejected the trades.

The Blazers know that their big man wants out, so why not get a deal done quick and not lose him in the future for nothing?

The Bulls would make sense as a potential landing spot. Aldridge wants to play with superstar Derrick Rose and would fit in real well. The Bulls could likely offer a combination of Carlos Boozer, Luol Deng or Taj Gibson in return which most assume they would be just fine with.

For Chicago, they would launch themselves immediately into conversation for a title. With a post featuring the likes of Aldridge and Noah, the front court would be virtually unstoppable. Combine that with one of the top-5 players in the NBA in Rose, and you’ve got yourself a championship caliber team.

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  • Rami Abdelhadi

    How about Deng,kirk,and bulls and Bobcats pick is more then. enough.

    • Michael Soot

      no not at all

  • Ryan Heckman

    I don’t think they want Kirk. I’m thinking the best package will be Deng, Gibson and the CHA pick.

  • Michael Soot

    These chicago papers are really funny. Sorry, but you guys arent getting Aldridge unless we get Noah And Butler. We dont want Deng, Boozer, Kirk, or pretty much anyone else on your guys’ roster. Also, Portland has only let people know that he is available, so other teams are making offers. Olshey publicly stated that he wont make any offers, but he’ll listen if the phone rings. And just so ya know, there are several reasons why the Blazers WONT trade Aldridge “soon.” He has two years left on his contract, so the Blazers front office has all of the time they need to fing the right deal. And sorry, its no combination boozer, deng or taj gibson. I wouldnt do it for all three. A deal will ONLY go down id Noah and another asset are traded to Portland. Sorry bulls, looks like you wont be the ones getting aldridge.

  • Nicki VanSmack

    If you assume that Portland would trade away their best player for a handful of garbage you are dead wrong. Enough with the propaganda!

  • Bass

    Aldridge only has two years left on his contract and the best time to trade him would be this year. Once Aldridge is in the final year of his contract Portland would only be able to get a handful of garbage for a player that would be consider a rental. In his final year of his contract no team would be willing to give up valuable assets for a player that could walk at the end of the year (ex. Dwight Howard). If Portland is smart they would make a trade this year.

    FYI….LaMarcus Aldridge only wants to be traded to a contending team, so with that being said. Teams that are consider contenders have draft picks that will be low picks in the draft, which would not help Portland with rebuilding. Chicago own the rights to a first round pick from Charlotte which can land Portland a franchise player in the draft. This makes it even more beneficial for Portland to make a trade with Chicago.

    Carlos Boozer, Luol Deng, or Taj Gibson with Charlotte pick, or even a additional pick from Chicago may be the best deal Portland may receive from a contending team.

    • Nate Tejeda

      Well said Bass I totally agree. Boozer, Deng, and a pick sounds good to me. As far as I’m concerned Lillard is who we need to be building the team around. Aldridge is the best, second option, player in the league. I love LA and what he has meant to the Rose city but we aren’t going to make a playoff run with him as our # 1 guy. Boozer and Deng are proven veterans and we had a SOLID draft. I would welcome a trade with Chicago with open arms this year. Let’s get it done!

  • Mike Bowens