Archie Goodwin Showing Phoenix Suns His Unique Scoring Talents

By John Raffel
Rick Scuteri – USA TODAY Sports

Archie Goodwin doesn’t need to have a strong Summer League for the Phoenix Suns, but it wouldn’t hurt. The Suns’ first-round draft pick showed earlier this week that he can get points in various ways.

The Suns had a 92-84 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers in the Nevada-Las Vegas Summer League. They advanced to Saturday’s quarterfinal game against the Toronto Raptors as a result of the win.

Goodwin didn’t have that good of a game for the Suns, hitting only one field goal. But Goodwin is showing one good sign to his new team: he’s aggressive in going to the basket.

Despite hitting only one shot from the floor, he got fouled enough times to go 7-of-11 from the free-throw line, recording a total of 11 points. That’s a valuable lesson for a rookie like Goodwin: if you don’t score points one way, score them  another.

The Suns, if they’re to improve from a 25-57 record a year ago, need to find more ways to score points, and if Goodwin keeps playing aggressive like he did in this particular Suns game, Phoenix might have to use him more than they might have anticipated.

Goodwin isn’t the No. 1 draft pick gaining all the preseason attention for the Suns. That goes to Alex Len, who is waiting to be declared healthy.

He needs to demonstrate to NBA teams that he can be a consistent threat and will demand attention from them. He needs to show he can score from anywhere on the court and can pass off the ball effectively to potential scorers. He’s still in his teens, but he’ll also have to show that age doesn’t make a difference in this case.

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