Brooklyn Nets Can't Give Up On Bojan Bogdanović

By Mike B. Ruiz
Debby Wong-USA Today Sports

With or without Andrei Kirilenko, the Brooklyn Nets should not forget about 2011 NBA Draft pick Bojan Bogdanović after this season.

Brooklyn lucked out in a way that just seemed surreal. They had an extremely solid European talent in their grasp. The contract appeared to finally be in place after all the tested patience and negotiations.

Then it all fell apart in a New York minute.

Then a proven veteran, one who had been a quality starter on a good team for numerous years, fell into the Nets’ lap at a rate that wasn’t just a discount; it was a flat-out steal. Kirilenko declined $10 million from the Minnesota Timberwolves and joined the Nets for about $3 million instead. The Bogdanović disappointment vanished into thin air.

But that really shouldn’t be the case. Thankfully, the Nets organization appears to have the same sentiment towards Bogdanović. A source says that the Nets “still have a high interest in him,” and they still “hope to bring him over as soon as possible.”

That outlook is the correct one to have. To this day, Kirilenko is still an excellent player, but he’s 32. Starting small forward Paul Pierce is even higher up the age ladder and is coming toward the end of his career. The Nets need to continue thinking ahead so that they may build around younger players.

Bogdanović is no baby at 24-years-old, but he would be in his prime if Brooklyn could snag him within the next few years. His skill set is very similar to that of Kirilenko’s, as well as his 6-foot-8 frame. That’s certainly the type of player teams like to have within their core.

Kirilenko is a fine solution to the Bogdanović frustration for now, but the Nets still need to keep a close eye on Bogdanović for their future.

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