Keith Bogans Says Brooklyn Nets Could Have Problems Due To Egos

By Mike B. Ruiz
Brooklyn Nets
Debby Wong – USA TODAY Sports

Keith Bogans, one of the cogs in the blockbuster trade between the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics, isn’t as sure about Brooklyn’s starting five as everyone else is.

“I think they definitely have more depth,” Bogans said, comparing the Nets to last year’s Los Angeles Lakers. “But can they make it work? That’s the question. It seems like they really have no role players on that team. They have all superstars. … That’s going to be the problem. They’ve put five [star] guys on the floor … too many egos, too much testosterone. It could be a major problem.”

Let’s just backpedal, real quickly.

Obviously, the Nets starting lineup is filled with star power. Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce formulate the deepest starting five throughout the league.

But by no means are they all “superstars.” Superstars are transcendent players, AKA Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, etc.

Put five players like that together for much longer than an Olympic run and see if everyone remains happy with their touches.

Brooklyn’s players are outstanding, multiple-time All Stars, but none of them fit the superstar mold. Pierce and Garnett certainly did during their prime, but those years have been behind them for a while.

Nonetheless, Bogans does make an interesting point. These are all players who still excel at putting up solid numbers every night. It’s going to be somewhat of a lifestyle change for all of them.

However, at the end of the day, forget about a horse; all of these guys are hungry enough to eat an elephant. Williams, Johnson and Lopez are dying to get their hands on the Larry O’Brien trophy for the first time already. Pierce and Garnett had their moment with it back in 2008, and they would love to re-live it as their Hall-of-Fame careers wind down.

These five are more than willing to make the necessary sacrifices to win. Egos won’t be an issue.

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