Los Angeles Lakers: Why Is Jordan Farmar Eager to Return?

By Kaylyn Neely
Jordan Farmer
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers announced today that they re-signed their former 26th draft pick Jordan Farmar.

Farmar has been playing for the Anadolu Efes Istanbul in the Euroleague. And, it seems, he is kind of a big deal there. Farmar was making much better money in Istanbul than he will with the Lakers.

The former Laker, playing the last season of his four years with the team in 2010, agreed to forfeit the money he would have made in the Euroleague. According to the Los Angeles Times, Farmar was set to make at least $10 million during the rest of his contract in Turkey.

Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak said of Farmar’s contract, “I’m not quite sure I’ve seen an agreement that paid so generously in recent time in Europe.” The Lakers brought the contract out for $500,000.

Farmar agreed to a one-year, $1.1-million contract with the Lakers. Interestingly enough, Farmar says, “I dream of playing in a Mike D’Antoni system, somewhere you can just be free and push the ball and make a lot of plays. I think it will be a lot of fun.”

He’s probably the only guy on the 11-man roster who will say something of this nature.

Farmar averaged 13.8 points, 3.6 rebounds and 3.9 assists last season with the Anadolu Efes.

The 26-year-old point guard will likely be the main backup to Steve Nash, who many expected to have limited minutes throughout the season. The Lakers are now a very point guard-heavy team. Free-agent signings will now most likely be frontcourt players to smooth over some of the effects that will be felt from losing Metta World Peace and Dwight Howard.



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