Paul Pierce Builds Up Rivalry Hype By Snubbing New York Knicks

By Mike B. Ruiz
Debby Wong-USA Today Sports

Thank you, Paul Pierce, for making this new Brooklyn NetsNew York Knicks rivalry even spicier.

When asked at the introductory press conference about how he felt his new team, with Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry, compared to the rest of the Eastern Conference, Pierce chose not to mention the cross-town rivals.

“I think we’re going to be right up there with the best of them,” said Pierce. “Right now, you have to talk about Miami, obviously. They’re the champs. And you look at Chicago and Indiana, and then I think you really have to take a close look at what we’ve been able to put together.”

This could’ve easily been construed as an honest mistake, initially. But when asked later on in a radio interview if he took an intentional shot at the Knicks, Pierce was pleasantly candid and responded, “definitely.”

The Knicks and Nets split four games last season, with each game having a playoff-like atmosphere around the arena. The intensity on the court was no different.

Pierce, despite being a newcomer, is fully aware of what this newborn rivalry means to the city of New York. The most important thing for him to understand, however, is that the Knicks aren’t going to forget his snubbing, even if it only came in July. They’re going to compete that much harder when the two sides finally meet because of it.

This was a great move by Pierce, as it just ramps up the anticipation for the first matchup.

Sounds like Garnett isn’t the only player acquired in that trade that’s good at talking trash.

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