Does Mike D'Antoni Even Fit With Los Angeles Lakers?

By tylerschwab
Mike D'Antoni
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

After a disappointing season, to say the least, the Los Angeles Lakers have a lot of reasons they can blame it on. One of which is the coaching carousel they were running the first half of the season. The firing of Head Coach Mike Brown after just five games was just the beginning of the theatrics for the organization. One of the Assistant Coaches at the time, Bernie Bickerstaff, was doing something right because the team went 4-1 under his control. Apparently that wasn’t impressive enough to give him a chance at the position and so drama ensued.

It was the battle of gray mustaches, Phil Jackson vs. Mike D’Antoni. For most, it wasn’t even a question that the “Zen Master” and 13-time NBA Champion would be handed the job on a silver platter. Little did we know, the Lakers front office had other ideas. Mike D’Antoni was hired on November 12, shocking the basketball world. I may not be a math wiz, but 13 championships seem like a lot more than zero championships. The obvious choice should have been Phil. Despite all of the dysfunctional things going on, D’Antoni was able to get the Lakers in the playoffs as the No. 7 seed. But the Lakers don’t play to make the playoffs; they play to win championships.

While still owing Brown $7 million over the next two years and D’Antoni’s contract being $12 million over the next three years, the Lakers are exhausting the amount of money they are willing to spend on a coach. If D’Antoni can’t improve in the next couple of seasons, the Lakers will owe coaches a lot of money.


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