2013 NBA Free Agency: Los Angeles Clippers Should Not Be Excited About Byron Mullens

By Cody Williams
Byron Mullens Clippers Free Agency
Sam Sharpe – USA Today Sports Images

The Los Angeles Clippers have done a solid job this summer in the NBA off-season as they added a lot of shooting on the wings in J.J. Redick and Jared Dudley and replaced the now departed Eric Bledsoe with Darren Collison, a competent backup point guard. They also added Reggie Bullock, another solid outside-shooter on the wings, in the draft.

However, the Clippers finally made a blunder in free agency when they agreed to a deal with former Charlotte Bobcats center Byron Mullens. Though the deal is quite inexpensive at just $2 million over two year, it’s still not a good move by the Clippers.

Many people have been talking about how Mullens will be a good addition for Los Angeles as he can come off of the bench and help this team spread the floor. However, those people who are saying those things obviously haven’t been watching the Bobcats over the past few seasons and seen what Mullens did for them.

Mullens is a player who has the ability to stretch the floor, but he doesn’t know how to properly use that ability. Instead of trying to play as a versatile big man that scores in both the post and on the perimeter, he falls in love with his jump shot, which in turn makes him an inefficient offensive player. Las season with Charlotte he shot just 38.5 percent from the field and only 31.7 percent from three.

More than that, Mullens doesn’t really know how to use his size to be an effective rebounder and is an absolute liability on the defensive end of the floor. There’s no denying his physical abilities and skills, but there’s also no denying the fact that he has no idea how to use those gifts in an NBA setting.

It’s understandable why some people would be fooled into thinking that Mullens is a solid addition for the Clippers, but let that talk end her. Mullens takes away from a team much more than he gives them, or at least that was the case with Charlotte. With what he’s shown in his career, the Clippers likely won’t be any different.

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