Philadelphia 76ers Likely Have a Top Five Pick in Their Future Next Season

By Dave Daniels
Philadelphia 76ers Rumors Quincy Douby
Jerry Lai – USA Today Sports

Can you name five players in the Philadelphia 76ers rotation? If you can you are a wiser man than me.

They are clearly making a run at Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins which is wise on the 76ers part because they have Nerlens Noel stashed away as well who will not be a huge contributor early on anyway. He was traded on draft day and it must have been a bit of a disappointing moment. The 76ers will just have to hope Parker goes pro right after his freshman year and does not wait around or go on a Mormon mission.

For all you League Pass owners here’s some free advice: don’t watch the 76ers next year becuase it will be some low quality basketball, but that could end up being good for them in the long run. We will just have to see and for the people of Philadelphia I hope that I am wrong.

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