Houston Rockets: Why They Need To Be James Harden's team, not Dwight Howard's

By Reece Helms
James Harden
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Once Dwight Howard landed with the Houston Rockets, the immediate question was, whose team is it? Is it Dwight Howard’s or James Harden’s team? By asking this question, it adds more fuel to the fire, more drama in Houston.

Let’s look at the championship teams of the past; a guard, not a center, led a vast majority of them. Dwight Howard is one of the best centers in the league when healthy, but so is James Harden, except at the Shooting guard position. A few years from now, after the Rockets have had time to gel, would we view the Rockets as James Harden’s team or Dwight Howard’s?

Now, lets start with these questions: who’s going to be taking more shots and who will have the ball in his hands more often? The answer is James Harden. Guards dominate basketball games more than Centers do, and they control the ball more often. This answers the main question of this article; if the Rockets want to succeed and go deep into the Playoffs, it will need to be Harden’s team, not Dwight’s.

If neither of them wants to anoint the team as their own, they can be a modern version of the San Antonio Spurs. James Harden being Tony Parker, Dwight Howard being Tim Duncan and Chandler Parsons being their version of Danny Green. Harden can dominate the ball like Parker and help set up Dwight for open shots. Harden isn’t the passer that Tony Parker is, but it still might work.

In conclusion, if the Houston Rockets want to succeed, the team needs to be more of James Harden’s team, not Dwight Howard’s.


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