Nate Robinson Will Be a Great Addition to the Denver Nuggets

By Will Connolly
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Mile High City brought a fresh new face to their roster yesterday by the name of Nate Robinson. According to ESPN sources, Robinson agreed to a two year, $4.1 million deal with the Denver Nuggets. The acquisition of Nate is a surprise to some but not to all. As Ty Lawson will most definitely be the starting point guard for the Nuggets, there will be a battle as to who gets that first spot off the bench. With the recent additions of Randy Foye and Erick Green to accompany Evan Fournier and Andre Miller, the second string point guard in Denver is up for grabs. Not to mention the fact that the Nuggets have added a new coach in Brian Shaw to thicken the plot further.

Now it’s most likely that Shaw will give the edge to the seasoned vet in Miller who has played in the NBA for 14 seasons and is a well-respected player in the locker room. However, Miller’s career numbers have plummeted in the last two seasons with the Nuggets and he’s failed to average more than 10 points. Attribute that to Lawson if you will, but if the vet still had his swagger he wouldn’t be coming off the bench behind the youngster. Next up we have Foye who spent his last season with the Utah Jazz and has career averages of 11.5 points, 2.2 rebounds and three assists a game. We move on to Fournier, who I have personally watched on multiple occasions and am far from impressed with. His European style of play is slow, unorthodox, and just plain weak. Finally we come to Green, who showed a lot of promise in the NBA Summer League, but it is still yet to be seen if that talent will transfer over to the big boy league.

And then there’s little Nate Robinson — two-time NBA Slam Dunk champion and one of the feistiest guards in the league. Coming in at a meager 5-foot-9, this little devil harasses opponents on both the offensive and defensive end of the court. Also, he is the only one, including Lawson, to make it out of the first round of the playoffs last season. That run included a monumental triple overtime win over the Brooklyn Nets in which Robinson put up a game-high 34 points and led his Chicago Bulls to victory. Robinson also boasted a 16.3 points per game to accompany 4.4 assists and 2.7 rebounds in the playoffs. Not to mention the monster performance he put up against the two-time defending NBA champion Miami Heat, as they won Game 1 attributed to his 27 points and nine assists, only to fall to the champs in five games.

Brain Shaw will have a lot to ponder in the upcoming season with Denver, and my guess is you will be seeing a lot more of Robinson than one might expect.

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