Andre Drummond Should Beat Out Detroit Pistons Teammate Greg Monroe For USA Basketball Spot

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Drummond vs. Monroe. Whoever would have thought it?

Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe might be NBA teammates with the Detroit Pistons, but right now they’re playing on opposing sides at the USA Basketball Training Camp. The two are battling for spots with Team USA at next summer’s international basketball World Cup in Spain.

Eventually, they could be considered for the 2016 Rio Olympics. They were scheduled to be opposite each other on different teams in a scrimmage on Thursday.

The thought is that both probably won’t make the team, although one of them could. The choice would probably go in Drummond’s favor if he shows his true raw talent at the camp. Also on Drummond’s side is the fact that he tends to be more consistent inside the paint and can go to the basket with more discipline.

Monroe shot 48.6 percent from the floor last season and is at 51.2 percent for his career with 2.9 turnovers a game last season and 2.1 per game in his career.

Drummond shot 60.8 percent from the floor as a rookie and averaged 1.6 turnovers per game.

Their performance at camp will obviously make a difference. Monroe does have a few more years of experience, but Drummond has that potential to be an explosive force inside that coaches really like.

But don’t think the fact that they’re battling for USA National Team spots is causing tension between the two. Just the opposite is true. They’re hoping that what they learn at this level will actually pay off for them when they put on their Piston uniforms and try to get the franchise back into the NBA playoffs.

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  • Vince

    You mention Greg’s turnovers as a problem and highlight Dre’s lower turnover rate, what you must realize though, is that the offense runs through Monroe, they call plays for him, he handles the ball way more than Drummond and is the second or third option scoring wise on the team. Compare that to Drummond who – at least last season – had no plays designed for him, no go to move in the post, never handled the ball as much as Greg, scored only on putbacks, lobs and loose balls and was the fifth scoring option on the court; so of course Moose’s TO rate is higher. Sure Drummond scored a higher rate, but thats because all his shots were taken within 5ft of the basket and he didn’t exactly take 10 shots per game either, Monroe converted less but scored more, not necessarily a good thing efficiency wise but you must consider all aspects of a player’s game and not just nitpick and isolate stats and misinterpret them to your advantage.

    That being said, Dre is an athletic freak and his defense is beyond what Monroe could ever dream of doing, if any of them are going to make the US team it’ll be Andre.

    • Guest

      Your man love for Monroe is really ridiculous lol. Drummond is a much better player than Monroe in almost every way.