Diante Garrett Deserves Another Look From Phoenix Suns

By John Raffel
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

How successful of a 2013-14 season Diante Garrett will have for the Phoenix Suns remains to be seen. But it definitely didn’t hurt matters for him to have a terrific summer season.

Garrett did a masterful job as a floor leader for the Suns during the NBA Las Vegas Summer League. Observers were especially impressed with how Garrett ran the pick-and-roll. He displayed the uncanny ability to determine in a split second which player was wide open to make a shot. Phoenix coach Jeff Hornacek was especially happy with how Garrett constantly handled the pick-and-roll. They figure he’s got the size to work around the bigger defenders and make the play.

Last season, Garrett backed up Goran Dragic at guard and was hoping to enter next season with an even better opportunity to play plenty of hoops. Because the Suns have added Archie Goodwin as the No. 10 pick and also got Eric Bledsoe at the guard spot, it’s going to bee tough to obtain some playing time.

Garrett only saw action in 19 games last season at 7.8 minutes per game and averaged 2.1 points and 1.8 assists per game. He shot 32.7 percent from the floor in a very limited role. But that was in the past. The Suns are giving him another shot.

What benefited Garrett from having a good Summer League is his trade value has increased. Other teams needing depth at guard may want to pick him up if the Suns feel they don’t have a spot for him.  The way Garrett played during the summer, he has plenty to offer to various NBA teams that have an opening.

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