Is the NBA Going Too Lightly on Jason Kidd in Light of His Recent DWI Charge?

By Will Connolly
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

When the Brooklyn Nets brought in a new coach this offseason, they thought that bringing in former NBA great Jason Kidd would produce nothing but positive publicity. In Jason’s case, this was far from true. Kidd recently pleaded guilty to a charge of misdemeanor drunk driving when he smashed his Cadillac SUV into a utility pole in July of last year. This is not the kind of publicity the Nets had hoped for from the seasoned vet, and Kidd has been placed on interim probation.

His probation is dependent upon him completing his community service within the required time frame and giving a speech about drunk driving to Long Island high school students. Upon finishing his sanctioned duties, his charge will be reduced to a violation, driving while ability impaired.

Now there seems to be a trend amongst pro athletes and their ability to get away with things that no ordinary person should. Yes, no one was hurt, and yes he took full responsibility for his actions. But he was placed on interim probation? And the NBA has yet to take any disciplinary action? He hit a utility pole and could have injured someone. The fact that he didn’t is beside the point. The NBA needs to start making an example out of players/coaches who do not abide by the rules. It’s become far too often that we let these superstars get away with a slap on the wrist and a meaningless fine that are nothing but nickels and dimes to these millionaires.

Children look up to their favorite athletes as role models, and when they see these stars get away with crime, they think it’s okay to break the law in hopes that they will be treated the same as their idols. The unfortunate reality is that when you live your life in the spotlight and have the means to get the best attorney money can buy, you tend to get away with things you shouldn’t. Someone needs to make an example out of these “stars,” and they could start with Jason Kidd.

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