Oklahoma City Thunder Missing on Mike Miller Leaves Sixth Man Role Open

By Cody Williams
Liggins Thunder Mike Miller
Chris Humphreys – USA Today Sports Images

The Oklahoma City Thunder were the team that made arguably the biggest splash in the NBA last off-season when they completed a trade that sent sixth man James Harden out of town. The Thunder received Kevin Martin in the deal, who stepped into a role similar to the one that Harden played in OKC.

Now Martin chose not to re-sign and the Thunder are in need of grabbing another sixth man. They thought they were in the running to land Mike Miller, but now that the veteran shooting guard has signed with the Memphis Grizzlies, the Thunder are going to either have to act quickly in signing someone to be their sixth man or they are going to have to look in-house for a sixth man, the latter being the more likely option.

Though Reggie Jackson is arguably their most talented bench player, it doesn’t make sense for the Thunder to put him in the sixth man role in the system that they have used over the past few seasons. Jackson’s style of play is quite similar to that of Russell Westbrook which would make it incredibly awkward to have both players on the floor at the same time.

If they want to continue to bring a wing player off of the bench, they have a long list of young options, but none of those players have a lot of experience and none of them are really proven in the NBA. Out of Jeremy Lamb, DeAndre Liggins, Perry Jones III and Andre Roberson, none of them really have proven they have what it takes to step into the sixth man role.

If OKC is reluctant to put a young player in that role, they should really look to switching up their system and potentially playing Thabo Sefolosha more minutes next season. Either that or they have to scour the free-agent market for some semblance of a quality replacement. In any case, it seems like the Thunder will be going through a major change in their rotation in the upcoming season.

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