Did Derrick Rose Disrespect LeBron James by Claiming Himself the Best Player in the League?


Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

The 2010-11 NBA regular season MVP seems to think that even after taking a year off to rest his recovering ACL, he is STILL the best player in the league. When questioned by CNN’s Pedro Pinto as to who the best player in the NBA was, Derrick Rose responded, “Derrick Rose.” This may come off as a shock to those who have been a fan of the NBA and have watched Rose sit on the bench while his team got blown out by the Miami Heat in five games. The Heat carry the man who many maintain to be the best player in the NBA, LeBron James. James’ four regular season MVP’s and two Finals MVP’s really speak for themselves.

The last time these two met in the playoffs the Heat dominated the Chicago Bulls in five games on their way to the Finals. So for Rose, who I have an immense amount of respect for and is one of my favorite players in the entire league to watch, to say that he, and not LeBron, is the best player in the league is just plain blasphemy. I think LeBron has earned the right to be crowned NBA’s best and Rose needs to respect his elder.

James has 10 years of experience to Rose’s four. He has also made four trips to the Finals and came away with two titles when Derrick is yet to reach his first. I completely understand Rose’s mentality that he must have full confidence in himself and his team if they are going to succeed, but there is a certain amount of respect that comes with that. And I guarantee that the first meeting between the Bulls and the Heat will be a feisty one, in which LeBron will prove who the best player in league truly is.

Rose did finish his interview by acknowledging LeBron as the toughest player to guard in the NBA stating, “I would have to say LeBron. A 6-foot-8 guy that’s 250. What do you think?” Well I think you better think before you speak because you might just find yourself guarding that behemoth linebacker next season, Mr. Rose.

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  • Phil Naegely

    he didn’t disrespect James with his opinion.

    • jpowers55

      he is entitled to have an opinion……….. I just dont agree.

  • Concept

    Uhm, LBJ couldn’t play LB in the NFL. Dude is too tall. Guards would have a freaking field day chop blocking the shit out of him. Wanna know how to make a tall dominate defensive player ineffective???? Make contact and then drop to the ground. Perfectly legal and unstoppable. If LBJ is too aggressive, he goes down, if he’s passive, he gets blown off the line. It’s football 101. The rest of your article I agree with. But there’s nothing wrong with D Rose saying he’s the best. If you don’t have that mentality, you are not a winner.

    • Axel Martinez

      LBJ has the weight to play linebacker. But if he weee to be in the nfl , he would be a tight end and bulk up to 275. And stop haying.

      • Concept

        If he weee? What kind of word is weee? What exactly is haying? 275 playing TE? Are you sure about that at all? Please go look at the average size of any NFL TE. Nevermind, I looked it up for you. 6’4″-6’5″ and 245-255lbs. What makes you think that LBJ could be in the NFL and be successful as the tallest and biggest TE in the league that’s scared of contact?

        • Axel Martinez

          Not saying he would be a successful TE. Just saying he has the perfect frame to be one. And gronkowski and graham are both 6’7″ and Leonard pope is 6’8″ just like lebron. And all 3 weigh 265. Just 10lbs heavier than lebron.

          • Concept

            I saw a few who were in the 6’7″-6’8″ range but you have to know that most NFL stats as well as any pro stats are inflated. How many times do you hear in NFL or NBA combines that a player is 6 foot whatever in shoes but a full 1″ shorter without shoes? And at the same time, you mention 3 out of 32 starting TE’s that are over 6’5″. That’s why I said the average height is 6’4″-6’5″. I did my research, you are mentioning the exception, not the rule.

            I am 6’1″ in shoes but you won’t ever hear me say me saying that I’m over 6ft. But you routinely hear xxx player is 6’7″ but when you see him standing next to a 6’4″ player they look the same height or maybe slightly taller but definitely not 3″ taller.

            I’m not knocking your point 100%. I’m just saying that it isn’t 100% truthful either. If LBJ could dominate football as well, he would be playing both sports like Bo and Dion.

          • That Guy

            Why would LeBron James play football when he’s a superstar in basketball and has aspirations to be one of the all time greats? Just to prove he can do it?

            Bo played football as a hobby, and his hip injury ended up causing a premature end to both his football and baseball careers. Why would LeBron take that kind of a risk, and would his contract even allow it?

            Michael Jordan had a “love of the game” clause put into his contract just so he could play pickup basketball games…

    • Will Connolly

      LeBron would play tight end if he played in the NFL, he has great hands and a perfect body to block oncoming defenders. He is the ideal athlete, you can’t say he would simply be stopped by a chop block, that is just plain silly.

      • Concept

        Uhm, the writer of the article mentions him playing LB. I didn’t say he would, the writer of the article did. The only position LBJ could hope to play in the NFL is TE. He’s still too tall to even play TE well. He’d have too much body exposed when going across the middle. Could he do it? Yeah, would he want to after a few hits going across the middle? Nope. LBJ cried when he ran over Hinrich and dude grabbed just so he didn’t die. What makes you think LBJ likes contact?

        • Will Connolly

          Well I am the writer of this article and I was solely referring to LeBron’s colossal size in comparison to a linebacker. And what makes you think he wouldn’t be a good tight end? Because he’s 6’8″? Who cares? Since when has the stereotypical player always turned out to be the best choice? As for him not being able to handle contact, that is just laughable. With the exception of Dwight Howard, no one gets hammered more in the paint more than LeBron. That is the only way anyone can even “attempt” to stop him. As for your Kirk Hinrich comment, I’m just going to disregard that because as far as I know you’re not allowed to tackle players of the opposing team in the NBA. But I don’t know why we’re even having this debate because this will never happen. It’s a pointless argument.

          • Concept

            lol, from the baseline angle it looked like Hinrich tackled him. But if you look from the side, you can see Hinrich had no choice. LBJ lowered his shoulder and was going to run over Hinrich no matter what he did to stop him. If he didn’t grab him, Hinrich would have been in the 3rd row. I’ll admit that LBJ takes A LOT of abuse. He has to if anyone expects to slow him down. What I’m talking about is the ticky tack fouls that he cries about. A lot of the refs look and if the shot doesn’t drop, there goes the whistle. Kinda like the dude at the gym who does the same thing. Every gym has one guy who will play hard as hell but then yell ball if you touch him if his shot doesn’t drop.

            As far as the whole LB vs TE thing, you were the one to call him a LB. I merely mentioned how he wouldn’t stand a chance at his height. He would have to play so passive just avoid the chop block that he would be ineffective. I agree wholeheartedly that his only show would be at TE. If he could put on 40lbs, he might have a shot at Guard as well.

    • SportsGenius705

      Honestly- who really cares? He’s not playing in the NFL so it flat out doesn’t matter.

      • Concept

        Agreed, I was just making a comment because the writer made a dumb comment about him playing LB.

  • SportsGenius705

    Why are people arguing about LBJ playing in the NFL when he doesn’t and wont?