Signing Greg Oden Would Be Huge Mistake For Any NBA Team

By Reece Helms
Greg Oden Pelicans Rumors
Craig Mitchelldyer – USA Today Sports Images

With the first pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, the Portland Trail Blazers selected Greg Oden from Ohio State University. That didn’t exactly work out to say the least, considering Oden only played in 82 games over a span of five years.

Oden and his representatives decided it would be best to sit out for the entire year last year and rehab his injuries, and try to get a contract for the coming season. Well, that time has finally come, and six different teams have shown interest: Sacramento Kings, Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks,  New Orleans Pelicans, San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks.

So far, it looks like the Heat and Spurs are among the favorites to sign Oden. At this point of his career, he can’t be too picky. He needs to be grateful that teams are willing to sign him to a contract that actually gives him money. Just think about this: Oden hasn’t played a full season in almost eight years since his college days.

The Heat seem to be the best fit as they don’t have a true starting center, but they’ve proven they don’t exactly need one with their back-to-back NBA championships.

Oden is not a starter in this league, but if he can stay healthy, he can play an effective role off any team’s bench. Would I give Greg Oden a long, multi-year contract? No, but I’ll give him a one-year deal worth a couple million, and see how it works out.

A healthy Oden is a good basketball player, but we haven’t seen that in a long time and we might not see it ever again.

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