Tony Parker is Already the Best Point Guard in San Antonio Spurs’ Franchise History

By Justin Brown
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We are currently in the midst of the longest stretch of NBA down time of the year. The playoffs have been over for more than a month now, most free agents have been signed and Summer League is over. So there’s not a lot going on. But for a basketball addict such as me, there’s always something else basketball related to debate or discuss, which is why I’m introducing with this article a new mini-series of articles to be released over the next few weeks debating the best players in San Antonio Spurs’ franchise history, position by position. So, in a sense, this is the Spurs All-Time starting five. This very first instalment will start with point guard.

Tony Parker is by far the best point guard in Spurs history. Parker has always been underrated by fans and the media, but back-to-back MVP-caliber seasons have forced him into the discussion of the best point guards in the NBA today. Lightning quick and incredibly efficient, Tony is coming off a season where he averaged 20.3 points and 7.6 assists on 52% shooting. For his career, he has averages of 17.1 points and 6.0 assists on 49% shooting and he is currently the focal point in one of the NBA’s best offenses. He is the franchise leader in assists, and is fourth in points. Currently in his prime, Tony is not only already the best point guard in Spurs history, but is quickly climbing the list of the best point guards in league history. It’s still too early to tell but Tony has a realistic shot at being one of the 10 best point guards of all time. I hope basketball fans realize that we are currently witnessing the best years of a special player in Parker.

There have been other point guards throughout Spurs franchise history who are worthy of honorable mentions. Avery Johnson (starting point guard on Spurs first championship team), James Silas (16 point, four assist career averages) and Johnny Moore (No. 3 on franchise assists list) have all contributed significantly for the Spurs at the point guard position, but none of them are in the same class as Parker.

That’ll do it for this first instalment of the Spurs All-Time starting five, point guard edition. Next time, we’ll decide on the best shooting guard in Spurs franchise history, which will certainly be interesting considering the amount of talent the Spurs have had there over the years. Stay tuned.


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