Earl Watson Will Surprise Portland Trail Blazers With His Offense

By John Raffel
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Earl Watson is currently the oldest player on the Portland Trail Blazers roster at 34 and has the most experience at 12 years.

He should blend in nicely with a team dominated with young players and hoping to still make a run at the NBA playoffs this season. Watson is going to contribute more than the Blazers fans realize.

Watson came to the Blazers from the Utah Jazz and didn’t exactly bring a strong list of shooting talents with him. But what Watson does provide is excellent floor leadership and the ability to spot the open player. The Trail Blazers should be prepared to give him some quality minutes this season.

He averaged 17.3 minutes per game last season and while he only scored two points an outing, he averaged 4.0 assists per contest. He’s remained an effective playmaker, more so than a scorer, during his career and that’s what his focus will be for the Trail Blazers.

Watson will be counted upon to give the Trail Blazers a steady hand in running the offense whenever he puts his time on the court. The Blazers would like to get 20 minutes per game out of him. His shooting percentage continues to be low so he’s not going to be putting the ball up much for the Jazz. But his turnover total is very low.

Watson gives coach Terry Stotts and his team a different look when he’s on the floor. That’s why the acquisition of Watson, while overshadowed by some of the Trail Blazers’ other deals, should turn out to be an excellent move by Portland.

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