Indiana Pacers Acquire Luis Scola to Boost Bench

By Aydin Reyhan
Luis Scola
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers lost in the Eastern Conference Finals after seven games to the eventual champions, the Miami Heat. They lost in six games in the previous post season as well. Therefore, a change was needed to somehow have a bigger chance in defeating them in a season’s time.

Well, a change has been made and it is expected to be one of the best changes in recent history.

Luis Scola, former Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns power forward, has arrived in Indiana at the age of 33 to add a scoring and defensive touch off the pine. The Pacers are already good at both ends, but adding more help should not hurt them at all.

He plays internationally for Argentina as well, where he won the gold back in Athens during the 2004 Olympic games. He brings a vast amount of experience and a proven talent that can truly benefit any team. In this case, the Pacers chose the perfect candidate to give them the offensive push they need to back up their starters.

Besides Scola, the Pacers will finally get to start star small forward Danny Granger who is returning from a long absence due to injury. He used to be the guy they looked at to make or break games with his phenomenal scoring ability. He was their superstar at one time. Due to his injury, they have heavily relied on shooting guard Paul George who has truly carried this team on his back in recent times.

Now with their starters all being healthy and their bench improving, this team will once again be a serious title contender next season…if they can get past the Heat and other Eastern Conference rivals who are also on the rise.

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