Former Cleveland Cavaliers Guard Daniel Gibson Charged With Assault Defending Wife Keyshia Cole’s Honor

By Cody Williams
Daniel Gibson Cavaliers Assault
David Richard – USA Today Sports Images

Daniel Gibson hasn’t had a memorable moment for the Cleveland Cavaliers in quite a while, essentially since the last year LeBron James was with the team when he was a three-point threat off of the bench. In the past two seasons, Gibson has played in a combined 81 games and has shot below 36 percent from the floor in both seasons.

Gibson is back in the news now, but it’s not for basketball reasons.

According to reports from Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio and TMZ, Gibson turned himself in on charges of second-degree assault and battery on Monday in New Orleans. Gibson was released soon after and is, obviously, now going to be awaiting trial for the incident.

From Amico’s report, the charges stemmed from Essence Music Festival in New Orleans on July 3-6. Gibson was out with his wife, recording artist Keyshia Cole, when someone apparently spoke to Cole in a derogatory manner. Gibson then proceeded to allegedly break this person’s jaw.

In comments that Gibson released, he said that he expects to be “fully vindicated.” Whether that means that he believes the charges will be dismissed or that the public will see his actions as justified is unknown.

In terms of basketball, though, Gibson is an unrestricted free-agent right now after playing his first seven NBA seasons with the Cavs. Cleveland hasn’t shown interest in re-signing the guard and the Houston Rockets are the last team connected to Gibson that may still have interest. With this legal trouble now out in the open, though, it’s likely that that interest is dissipating. We’ll have to see how this situation ends for Gibson and when, where and if we will see Gibson in the NBA again.

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