What Being Named Most Popular NBA Player Means to LeBron James

By Will Connolly
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

According to an article written by ESPN, LeBron James was the most popular player in the NBA last season.  Bron Bron took over the title from reigning champ Kobe Bryant, besting his 12.5 percent popularity rate with a nudge better at 12.9 percent. Bryant had held the title as most popular for five out of past six years with the Los Angeles Lakers.

It seems as though NBA fans have long forgotten about “The Decision” and LeBron’s departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers. In his final season with the Cavs, James was the favorite amongst 15.6 percent of fans, which dropped significantly in his first two seasons with the Miami Heat to 10.2 and 9.4 percent.

It also appears that the old cliché that “everyone loves a champion” has some legitimacy to it. As LeBron and his Heat have dominated the court with two championships to accompany his two Finals MVPs, there’s no doubt that James is “winning,” as Charlie Sheen would say. It doesn’t hurt that his best bud Dwyane Wade captured number five on the most popular player list with 2.6 percent of NBA fans, making the tandem the only two players on the same team to round out the top five.

LeBron was also selected to grace the new cover of “NBA 2K14” to be released in early October. During the NBA Finals his solo commercial ran time and again, where he was depicted listening to his “Dre Beats” as he practiced his game in his own personal gym. It’s pretty apparent who the star of the NBA is these days, and it must come as a relief to a player who wants nothing more than to have the acceptance of his fans.

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