Kosta Koufos Gives Memphis Grizzlies Legit Option at Reserve Center

Kosta Koufos Grizzlies

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The Memphis Grizzlies completed one of the best trades of the NBA off-season that hardly anyone is talking about. On the night of the 2013 NBA Draft, the Grizzlies completed a deal with the Denver Nuggets that sent Darrell Arthur to Denver and sent Kosta Koufos, the starting center for the Nuggets in their 57-win season last year, to the Grizzlies.

Koufos started all 81 games that he played in for Denver last season, though he didn’t play a normal starter’s share of minutes. Koufos put up career-highs across the board, averaging eight points, 6.9 rebounds and 1.3 blocks in 22.4 minutes per game while also shooting a solid 58.1 percent from the floor.

Not only is Koufos a 24-year-old center that seems to be just on the cusp of realizing his potential as an NBA center, but he’s also a guy that fits a big need for Memphis.

Though the Grizzlies made it to the Western Conference Finals last season, they weren’t exactly a deep team, especially at the center position. In fact, after the Grizzlies traded away Hamed Haddadi at the trade deadline, starter Marc Gasol was the only player on their roster whose primary position was listed as center.

Though Gasol is fantastic defensively and creates a lot of opportunities on the offensive end of the floor, he’s not capable of playing 48 minutes per night. In the end, 36 minutes per game is probably the max that Memphis would like to play him. Adding Koufos gives them the flexibility to not only be a quality backup to Gasol, but to also help if Gasol were to get in foul trouble or anything.

Koufos is likely going to see his minutes decrease in comparison to last season with Denver, but his importance is arguably going to be much higher. The Grizzlies now have Koufos to come off of the bench and not disrupt the flow of the game for them. For a team looking to make it to the NBA Finals next season, Koufos is a sneaky great addition and it’s really surprising more people aren’t talking about it.

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  • Sam

    Should’ve kept Haddadi and Rudy-Gay. Big mistake letting them go.

    • J. Ramaj

      Rudy Gay was a ball hog and disrupted the flow of the team….there were plenty of times he would dribble down the court and take a contested shot without even looking to pass….that hurt us….true we missed his 20 points a game but they came at a cost….I really like Gay….thought he had the potential to reach Durant levels…but he was a letdown….Haddadi on the other hand…I hate we traded him. He was lacking offensively but gave effort and could rebound.

      • Sam

        True, Rudy needed to mature and only take safer shots & he was overpaid by $4mil but he also defended and rebounded, now Prince and 2 others have to makeup for what he gave all by himself. I think in time, with a new coach(not Hollins’s assistant), he would’ve matured into a 25point leader & with signing of 2 more shooters Grizz would’ve crossed the championship line. Haddadi was already in the top 10, on per-minute basis, in rebounding, but in offense he lacked confidence and NBA practice under Hollins. In Phoenix he lowly gained both and under 7’4″ great Ralph-Sampson coaching he learned bigman offense which you can see in the video of his final season game vs. Denver where he made 14points/7Rebs/2blks in 19:55 minutes. Right now he’s in Asian finals after winning Davis-Cup 7-0, total record for the summer, 13-0.