Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Lamar Odom Not A Good Fit For The Lakers


Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In recent weeks, the Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to former Laker Lamar Odom. While we all would love to see Odom donning purple and gold once more, the fact of the matter is that Odom doesn’t have enough to contribute the squad.

With younger guys like Ryan KellyJordan Hill and Elias Harris on the roster, the Lakers must begin to develop their younger players. If Odom were to come back to the Lakers, he would take minutes from the younger guys on the team. With Mike D’Antoni’s fast paced offense being the Lakers focal point, Odom may find it hard to fit in. It was evident last season that Odom had lost a good amount of his athleticism compared to previous years.

Last year for the Los Angeles Clippers, Odom averaged four points and five rebounds per game. The Lakers can get that sort of production from their younger options on the roster. On the other hand, through 29 games before injury, Jordan Hill averaged 6.7 points to go along with 5.7 rebounds. Hill brings athleticism and youth to a Lakers squad that desperately needs it. In 2013, the Lakers are looking for youth and Odom does not cut it.

At this point of Odom’s career, he won’t be much use to the Lakers. This next season can be considered a tryout year for most of the players on the roster. If they can perform well, then they will get a spot on the Lakers roster for the following years. Odom would only hinder that process.

I believe Odom can still play in the NBA this season. However, if the Lakers are smart, they won’t be calling him anytime soon.

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  • moe moes

    Dude shut the fuck up , please shut the fuck up..this dude does everything for a team. Why would people like you write articles . I don’t have depth when it comes to basketball but jesus , A SMART CHOICE TO NOT SIGN LAMAR!! … who plays with kobe the best .. its lamar you idiot . Dumb fucking people , pisses me off the people with a low iq you can trip on start talking about whats good and whats not .

    • Nugesse Ghebrendrias

      I’m guessing you haven’t seen LO play in some time. He has lost his game completely. With the Mavericks, he was a shell of himself and while he was with the Clippers it was the same story. There would be no point bringing him back. The league is full of young athletic players, and bringing in an old washed up PF wouldn’t be wise. I understand you like LO, but he isn’t a good fit for the Lakers anymore.

  • Jim213

    LOL… You said it best “next season can be considered a tryout year for most of the players on the roster.” So why shouldn’t LO get a shot to join the team given he brings experience and chemistry?%#* THIS SEASON IS STILL ABOUT WINS AND LOSSES! YOU WANT US TO TRY GOING FOR WIGGINS BUT WE AIN’T TANKING!

    LO has contributed to Kobes 81 & 61 points along with 2 rings=CHEMISTRY. But your view about players auditioning for 1 yr doesn’t make sense given that we’ll be doing the same thing the following season when these youngsters leave the team for more pay!$$ Yet LO has talked about wanting to end his career as a Laker… and let’s not forget about Dumbtoni getting canned after the following season too… LOL?!

    • Nugesse Ghebrendrias

      The Lakers are looking for younger players. Why stunt the growth of younger players with higher ceilings just because LO has two rings. Lo isn’t the same player he once was. At this point of his career he doesn’t bring anything. I believe he lost his passion for basketball and its really a shame. These guys on 1-yr deals will play hard in order to get more money from LA next season and they will also be a part of a newly built team. The bottom line is that LO isn’t the player he used to be.

      • Jim213

        Funny we can say the same thing about Gasol to an extent though he’s still a Laker. His best play was in the triangle offense and since has struggled in whatever role he’s been playing which also involves defense. 16 titles say’s that we play consistent and competitive.

        There’s also no guarantee these players may return especially if they have a good season. Best option IMO is to acquire some more youth for the D league like Landry for another yr (let them grow more) to assure better depth options come 2014 FA. The Lakers to do list is too long for management to resolve in 2014 FA. Although, it’s still about playing competitive ball and NOT TANKING.

        We also had height advantage a few yrs ago which many teams struggled with as K Rambis believes this should be exploited by the team come next season. youth won’t guarantee wins just fresher legs as chemistry, depth, and the well being of players will determine the teams potential next season.

  • Aditya Sriram

    lakers will be a great team this coming season or i will be extremely mad. lakers will be a championship condtending team if we play great offense and great defense and everyone has to put up great numbers.