NBA Eastern Conference: Miami Heat to Fight Harder For Top Spot

By Aydin Reyhan
NBA East
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

This upcoming season in the NBA is promising to be a good one as every team has something to prove. However, in the Eastern Conference, we have seen some changes that could differ the standings from the last playoff picture, and the possibility is high.

The Miami Heat still have LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to lead their team throughout the year, perhaps to an expected third consecutive title in a fourth consecutive NBA Finals appearance. Although, no one said that it is going to be easy.

The Indiana Pacers just added Luis Scola to jump in off the bench to use his veteran scoring skills that have won games in the past. Also, Danny Granger will be back after a long injury lay-off to help propel his team to a Finals appearance. This team was so close this past season as they lost in seven to James and company.

The Chicago Bulls are finally getting their star point guard  Derrick Rose back from a knee injury that kept him out during the entirety of last season. Whenever he plays, he scores points and wins games by himself when he has to. With teammates at hand, he can definitely lead his team to new heights–possibly a place in the Finals.

The Brooklyn Nets recently added Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to an already decent line-up. With their veteran leadership and Finals experience (one ring each), this team can cause Miami and the rest of the East some trouble en route to the top of the East in the playoffs.

The NY Knicks added Andrea Bargnani, but lost J.R. Smith to a knee injury that will keep him on the sidelines for at least a year. This team will not make the Finals, but will make it to the postseason.

The Milwaukee Bucks have added OJ Mayo and Carlos Delfino who are both good scorers whether starting or off the bench. This team is getting much needed help by adding these two vets. They may get past the first round, but nothing further.

The Atlanta Hawks added Elton Brand to replace Josh Smith, but he will not have nearly the same impact. This team is still good enough to make the playoffs, but will lose in the first round.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have not made the postseason since the James era. Now, with Kyrie Irving leading this team, with some young talent and a veteran guard joining his forces in Jarrett Jack, this team is ready to make a return to Elite Eight, but only that, as they will be out after the first round. Regardless, this is still good for a team that is rebuilding with a fresh breed of players being led by some long-time boys.

With all of that written and done, the East will still most likely be won by Miami unless it loses a couple of pieces or another top team finds a way to dismantle it in seven games. With the squads revamped with new faces and star players back from injury, this season is promising to be a good one. Stay tuned and enjoy.

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