Portland Trail Blazers Rumors: LaMarcus Aldridge Trade Needs to Happen, But Likely Won’t


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Over the past several months, there have been plenty of whispers about the Portland Trail Blazers dishing big man LaMarcus Aldridge to another franchise per his request. It is still unclear whether nor not there is a whole lot of truth to them at this point. What we do know is that there have been offers discussed, but all have been shot down.

The Chicago Bulls have been one team in connection with this scenario for quite some time. The issue from the Bulls’ standpoint is the fact that Portland requests Joakim Noah and Jimmy Butler in return for Aldridge. As most Chicago fans would agree, that offer is laughable.

The Bulls may be willing to trade one or the other and package them with the pick they received from the Charlotte Bobcats. But, trading them both? That is highly doubtful.

The fact that there is speculation about Aldridge’s desire to play for the Blazers any further should give the front office a clue. Next year his contract becomes an expiring deal, which would mean he is much more likely to be moved. However, if there are deals to be made at the moment why wouldn’t they pull the trigger?

If I’m Portland, I would rather get something in return than risk losing him for nothing when his contract is up.

Head coach Terry Stotts told Candace Buckner of The Columbian recently:

“Unfortunately, there (are) a lot of rumors in the NBA. We don’t really comment on rumors.”

He went on to explain that further by noting that “You go with every team, there (are) a lot of rumors out there. I’m not necessarily going to comment on LaMarcus.”

Lastly, Stotts said that it was unfortunate there have been rumors going around when they have not commented on the issue at hand. The problem is, if nobody comments on the situation, how are we supposed to believe that the rumors are false?

Portland has to acknowledge the reality of Aldridge and his desire to be elsewhere. Before they lose him for nothing, the team needs to make a deal happen. Whether that’s in the near future or next summer is up to them of course, but sooner would be beneficial to the team’s future goals.

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  • Matt Wells[Herd]

    Agreed. Many teams have gone through this same drama PORT is sailing. Unless they trade him now they’ll get worse offers down the road.

    • wmfocker

      How do you figure? They aren’t getting anything close in potential or equal value. There is no reason to trade, and the more years he racks up as an all-star, the more he will be worth. Forcing a trade leaves us exactly like L.A. and Orlando.

  • wmfocker

    There is no reason to trade him now. Next season his contract will be expiring and teams will trade for the 4 time all-star. Unless we get the same caliber player, there is no reason to trade him now. We can also wait until the trade deadline this season, and if he is getting solid or better numbers, then his worth would be more. There is no reason to rush the trade when teams do not want to trade what we want.

    • Guest

      lamarcus aldridge contract expire in 2015 !!! ha nice one

      • wmfocker

        He has exactly 2 years left on his contract. What is his contract on the final year? An expiring contract, and trade bait for those who are willing to risk the possibility of only renting him from the trade deadline, i.e. Dwightmare, and those who want to get under the cap.

  • Tim-o

    just because this sh** writer is an bull fan and want LA there doesn’t mean Blazer are that stupid to give an All Star Player Like LA for Nothing Noah+Buttler or Noah+1st pick or Rose for LA !!