Should Milwaukee Bucks Pull Brandon Jennings’ Qualifying Offer?

By Michael Terrill
Should Milwaukee Bucks Pull Brandon Jennings’ Qualifying Offer
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Bucks still have a $4.5 million qualifying offer on the table for point guard Brandon Jennings. However, the Bucks must truly consider pulling the offer, as Jennings would do more bad then good for the team next season.

According to HoopsWorld:

“Sources close to the process say Jennings has strongly considered picking up his Qualifying Offer and hitting unrestricted free agency next year.”

The fact of the matter is Jennings has not received any attention from any other team in the league because no one is willing to greatly overpay for a mediocre point guard. He is absolutely nuts if he thinks he is worth a minimum of $12 million per season. If the Bucks will not pay that insane price, there is no way anyone else will.

At this point, Jennings needs Milwaukee more than the organization needs him. For that reason, the Bucks will not give anything more than what is already available to him. I believe they should not even give him that much and just cut their losses.

Veteran Luke Ridnour is more than capable of handling the starting job, while the Bucks have Gary Neal to suit up at point guard if necessary. Although, he will mostly backup at shooting guard. Not to mention, rookie guard Nate Wolters showed plenty of potential in summer league, which means he could see some valuable minutes during the regular season.

It is hard to let Jennings go without getting anything in return for him. However, the fact of the matter is it does not appear anyone wants him, especially for the money that he deliriously believes he is owed.

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