Can Mike D'Antoni's Offense Work In 2013?

By Nugesse Ghebrendrias
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Can Mike D’Antoni’s system work in 2013? We saw towards the end of 2012 that the Los Angeles Lakers were finally getting his system down. With a full training camp for D’Antoni and new players that fit his system, expect D’Antoni’s fast-paced offense to click.

When the Lakers were losing night after night, many called for D’Antoni’s head. When interviewed, Mitch Kupchack said he still believed in D’Antoni.

Kupchak said, “The hardest thing to do in this league to get players who have talent. The next hardest thing to do is for the coach to figure out the best way to have that group of talent play together and win games. And you have to have a coach that has the ability to assess the talent level and how to use it. Mike has shown that he is flexible. Now that he has a feel of our players and their talent level, I’m confident that Mike will be flexible and get the most out of them next year.”

2013 is definitely a trial year of D’Antoni. If the Lakers don’t perform well, even under the circumstances, the Lakers will find a new coach for their expected big free agency plans.

With players coming back healthy (besides Kobe Bryant) D’Antoni believes the Lakers will succeed. Pau Gasol is finally getting the rest he needed along with Steve Nash. Both of whom are key parts in any success the Lakers might have. With rumors of Kobe Bryant coming back early, the Lakers are very optimistic.

If the Lakers can stay healthy, I don’t see why the D’Antoni’s offense can’t work to perfection.

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