Karl Malone Should Be the Head Coach of the Utah Jazz, Not Tyrone Corbin

By Wola Odeniran
Tyrone Corbin
Greg Smith- USA TODAY Sports

I’m calling it right now, and I don’t care who opposes it. The legend Karl Malone needs to be the head coach of the Utah Jazz. If Jason Kidd can do nothing, and be a head coach in minutes after retiring, then Malone should be seeing good things in his coaching future. Malone is currently a part-time coach mentoring the big men on the Jazz roster.

My colleague Ryan Heckman noted last week that power forward Derrick Favors is showing improvement in his game with Malone, that was originally reported by the Salt Lake Tribune. It’s no surprise to me that a legend like Malone would have that kind of impact on current teammates. This Jazz team hasn’t experienced much of anything in terms of championship goals.

Even though Malone didn’t win a championship himself, he knows what kind of work that has to be put in to bring the Jazz back on among the top dogs in the Western Conference. Current Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin, in my opinion, is on the clock this coming season with his job on the line.

Corbin doesn’t move the needle for me, and I don’t see him as someone who will lead the Jazz to a championship. That’s what everyone is playing for. If the Jazz are looking for anything else other than that then they are cheating the team, and the fans.

If the Jazz start off slow like I expect them to, Malone should be next in line for the head coaching job, to put a further stamp, and a culture in place where nothing but hard work and defense will come into play.

I really feel like Malone could be a guy who can help bring free agents to the Jazz in the future despite working for a small market team. Players, past and present, respect Malone, so I think only good things can come from him being the head coach.

Wola Odeniran is a writer for RantSports.com. Follow him on Twitter @ WolaOdeniran52.

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