Utah Jazz Making No Moves is Good News for Jazz Fans

By Wola Odeniran
Utah Jazz
Greg Smith- USA TODAY Sports

I like what I’m seeing with the Utah Jazz. The Jazz are making very few moves. They let Al Jefferson go, and the let Paul Millsap go. The Jazz were nothing more than an eighth seed at best over the last two years. They were a little disappointing to be honest.

It’s time to strip everything down and build for the future. The Jazz are obviously doing just that. I hope they lose as many games as possible in the 2013-2014 NBA season. Anyone who is hoping the Jazz are a playoff contender next season are missing the big picture. The 2014 NBA Draft is expected to be as deep as it has ever been in quite a while, and the Jazz putting themselves in a situation where they can get a good lottery pick is the only real solution for them to succeed in the future.

In the NBA, more than any other professional sport, being in the land of good, but not good enough, is hell on earth. The goal in the NBA is to be elite, and if the team is going to be bad, let them be very bad. If the Jazz somehow end up being a playoff team next year it is fools gold to me. The Jazz may think to themselves at that point that they are close, and need a few key pieces to put them over the top. No way. I don’t want that.

So starting from scratch and letting expensive veterans go is right move to me.

Wola Odeniran is a writer for RantSports.com. Follow him on Twitter @ WolaOdeniran52.

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