Charlotte Bobcats Will Regret Drafting Cody Zeller Over Nerlens Noel

By Dave Daniels
Curtis Wilson – USA TODAY Sports

When the Charlotte Bobcats selected Cody Zeller in the draft my jaw dropped. With Nerlens Noel on the board the Bobcats go with the flashy college guy with smaller upside. Just shocking stuff that I did not see coming at all have to say. Although given the Bobcats overvaluing college performance has been a problem for them in the past. Example: Adam Morrison. That one is probably still too soon for Bobcats’ fans if there are any out there.

Zeller will be a decent player, but Noel has the potential to lead the league in blocked shots. A guy like that does not come around often in the draft and they passed up an opportunity that will likely not come their way again. They passed on a big man who could truly impact the game defensively for a small forward who helps them much more on offense than defense. Something tells me this will not work out well for Zeller and the Bobcats next season and don’t be surprised to see them land right back in the lottery.

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