John Wall’s “Best Point Guard In The World” Comments Prove He's Not Fit To Lead Washington Wizards

By Kyle Bostic
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: a point guard gets overpaid to lead a team with middling expectations, and then releases a comment so outrageous it elicits chuckles as soon as you hear it. Just like Stephon Marbury, his predecessor in stupidity, John Wall used a nationally-syndicated show as a podium to shoot off his wacky beliefs.

Appearing on the Dan Patrick Show, interim hosts Chris Mannix asked Wall where did he’d rank among the point guards in the league, and the Washington Wizards point guard didn’t hesitate in saying that he ranked himself the best.

A lot of factors go into this type of delusion. First, Wall just signed an extension this week, which most reasonable teams wouldn’t have given a point guard who has never lead his team to a playoff berth. Secondly, this season is the first time where he will actually get a taste the type of pressure a franchise player is supposed to face. Wall is an immensely talented player, but saying he is the best is a lot different from proving it on the court.

I remember when Marbury and recently-hired Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd were brought into the Tri-State area. Kidd went about his business with a workmanlike approach, letting the media and his team’s success tell the story for him. Marbury was loud and abrasive, a player who couldn’t stop talking about how good he was … when he wasn’t making excuses why he or the New York  Knicks didn’t succeed.

He never realized that the “best point guard in the world” title comes with a bull’s eye, and the other point guards have no problem taking precision aim at the title holder’s back.

So, I think Chris Paul is resting easy. Rajon Rondo is not worrying about Wall’s statements, and neither is Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose, Tony Parker or Kyrie Irving. The only person truly worried about this statement is Wall, and he hasn’t shown the leadership needed to back it up so far.

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