Will Sacramento Kings’ Jimmer Fredette Ever Meet Expectations?

Jimmer Fredette

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Sacramento KingsJimmer Fredette was a beast in college, but that has definitely not been the case in the pros. So, will he ever meet expectations in the NBA?

There were plenty of people who thought that Fredette would be a bust and those people are turning out to be right.

Last season he only averaged 7.2 points per game. Of course, he did only play 14 minutes per game on average. Not many people will succeed in that little amount of playing time. There still is hope, though.

The team could always trade him. Sacramento is not a good basketball team and that will likely be the case in the upcoming season. Fredette is still young and the talent is there.

Even though he is not an elite scorer, he is a very good three-point shooter. He did shoot 41.7 percent from behind the arc last season and is shooting 38.4 percent for his career.

He has so much work to do if he ever wants to really make it in this league, but getting the proper playing time will be huge. Playing for a better team that actually competes would also help.

Until either of those things happen, though, we will not hear a whole lot about Fredette and he will be considered a bust. He was a top 10 pick not too long ago, but he has not found his way in the NBA yet.

Hopefully next season will bring him some success, but we will just have to wait and see if that will actually be the case.

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  • Truth928

    Per minute played Fredette actually IS an elite scorer….The article title should be


    Fredette scored more points per 48 minutes than Kemba Walker, Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant , Dwayne Wade and Damian Lilliard. More than Carlos Boozer , Chris Bosch and David Lee. …

    Fredette was tied with Monta Ellis. That marks hin as an elite scorer in the
    league. Only 5 other PG’s scored more points per 48 minutes…

    Fredette shot the 3 better than Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Ryan Anderson,
    Carmelo Anthony, Jj Reddick, Kevin Love, Manu Ginobli, Monta Ellis and Lebron

    he was 6th in the league in freethrow shooting for PG’s He is the 12th best in
    the NBA FT shooter overall.

    The interesting thing is Fredette is ALWAYS improving…Always working on
    improving and refining his game…Do the math and you
    have a Star just waiting for his chance…